An intense portrait of Italian artist Massimo Vitali. A film where photographs and cinematography share the same poetic atmosphere.

During the height of summer, Massimo Vitali observes crowds on holiday on the majestic Great Dune of Pyla on the Atlantic Ocean, on Italian beaches and on the banks of rivers. These long days of observation result in large-scale photographs in his distinctive, unmistakable style. In this film, Vitali allows to be observed up close while working. He also opens his studio and allows his story to be told through themes which are dear to him, such as man’s relationship with nature and the landscape, the interaction of people in public areas and how a multitude of apparently insignificant, trifling events and stories co-exist, stratify and comprise the fabric of our lives.

Director: Giampiero D'Angeli
Screenwriter: Alice Maxia
Year: 2011
Lenght: 50 minutes
Country : Italy
Language: Italian; English subtitles
Production: Luca Molducci, Giart - Visioni d’arte (Bologna, Italy)
In collaboration with Cineteca di Bologna